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Inter Guide T/A Advert,Promo and Suppl (2002, Paperback)
Escapando del Engano : Advert de Ult. Tiempos by Zapico (1994, Paperback)
Webtutor on Wct Advert Tb by O Guinn (Hardcover)
From Advert to Interview : A Practical Guide to Tackling the Job Hunt by Jo...
Neopets Guild - Action Games : 200m Peanut Dash, Advert Attack, Attack of t...
Book: Nigerian Television Advert Exposure and Children Product Preference by Oban... This experimental study, investigated television food adverts and children's product preference. A sample of 210 participants between ages of 5 and 11 years were selected via the random and stratified sampling techniques. The instrument of data...
Book: Verbatim Copies of the Humble Petitions, Memorial, and Case, of John Drummo... 
Book: Articles on Mobile Phone Culture, Including : Ringtone, Japanese Mobile Pho... 
Book: Advert Exploitation by Rizwan Nusrat (2012, Paperback) 
Winner's Circle #24 DuPont Hendrick 2009 Hauler - Daytona 500 Advert 1:64 D...
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